Calories burned:
4,032,797,453 kc.
4,032,797,453 kc.

Cognac Remy Martin XO Louis XIII

Drink of the higher nobility, is the most titled cognac of France, which has been produced since 1715. Has a floral taste with notes of narcissus and immortelle.
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Cognac Hennessy Richard

Reveals all the complexity, depth, poise and sophistication of the oldest brandy varieties of alcohol, the age of some of them reaches 200 years. Named after Richard Hennessy, the founder of the house Hennessy. It includes the rarest alcohols obtained from the harvest of the grapes of Folle Blanche (cepage) of 1830 and 1860, almost completely exterminated in 1870 by the epidemic of phylloxera and later replaced by the variety Ugni Blanc.
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Rum Clement Tres Vieux De La Martinique Vintage

Manufactured in the French overseas department of Martinique. This "agricultural" rum of 1952, which is made of pure sugar cane juice with the addition of "caramel" (water and sugar). Rum is a spirit made in various styles and in many (mostly tropical) locations around the world. Sugarcane is the raw ingredient behind all rum styles, from clear Cuban ron blanco to the darkest Jamaican Navy Rum.
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For many centuries, liqueurs were made only from herbs and medicinal roots and were intended as medicinal preparations. And they did not satisfy their magnificent taste. Only in the XVII century, the liquors began to please everyone with their pleasant taste in the first place, and the medicinal properties retreated to the background.
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Martini is an alcoholic beverage produced in Italy, more precisely - Italian vermouth. It is a fortified (about 18 degrees), flavored grape wine, an invariable component of which is wormwood.
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The homeland of cognac should be considered, undoubtedly, France. It was there, in the small town of Cognac, that the cognac was first obtained. This was a necessary measure: the abundance of grapes in France contributed to winemaking, but the wines were poorly transported by the sea, which affected trade. The production of distillate wine based on white wine was a way out of this situation. In addition to being perfectly preserved, the drink was much more saturated and much more fragrant than wine.
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Red wine

Red wines are, without a doubt, the kings of wines. The most common, most famous and most favorite wines. Since ancient times red wine has been turning heads of poets and doctors. Red wines are produced in all regions of world wine making from black and blue and red grape varieties.
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White wine

Many people think that white wines are produced only from white grapes. This is not quite true - the fact is that the pulp of both red and white grapes has a neutral light shade. The color of the wine is known to impart pigments contained in the peel of berries. The technology of white wine production requires obligatory purification of berries from the skin, so red blends of grapes may well be included in the blend.
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Sparkling wine, which is produced according to the traditional method "champenoise" in the province of Champagne (France). For its production, only three kinds of grapes are used: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot less.
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Ale - one of the most famous and traditional names used to describe the beer of horse fermentation, originated in England at the beginning of the VII century. A variety of ales, due to differences in color, taste and alcohol content, is truly limitless.
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Made according to the original D.I. Mendeleev recipe. Its popularity is explained by the use of the purest glacial water, the best selected winter wheat and the latest production technologies.
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The taste of Calvados is quite complex. The shades of apple jam are woven into one pattern with tones of dried fruits, wood and vanilla. An elegant soft aftertaste brings warmth, spreading throughout the body. To produce one hectoliter of Calvados, about 2.5 tons of apples will be needed. Sometimes a small percentage of pears is added to soften the taste.
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Apple cider, which has a bright aroma and soft, but at the same time intense taste. Selected apples are used to make cider. Cider perfectly quenches thirst on a hot summer day, it is perfectly combined with white meat and various desserts.
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Porto (porto) - fortified red wine, which became the symbol of Portugal. This type of wine belongs to the category of controlled by origin, that is, they can be produced only in a certain appellation by strictly observing technology. The region of port production is the north-east of the country, the valley of the Douro River. Here, 165 varieties of grapes are grown, but only five are used for the production of red port wine: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Baroca and Tinta Cao.
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Moonshine (hooch) is a traditional and primordially Russian drink, which gained fame on the whole planet, widespread in Russia at the beginning of the 15th century. At the time of Ancient Rus moonshine was more expensive than gold itself! Each nobleman's estate had its own secrets and recipes for making this very strong drink.
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Craft beer

To be considered as a craft, the brewery should annually produce no more than 6 million barrels of beer. The share of the own capital of the brewery must be at least 75%. In the case of the sale of a portion of the shares to third-party buyers, the brewery loses its rank as a craft. The basis of beer should always remain malt.
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Live beer

Live beer is a classic, it is brewed the way it was done in the old days, when the beer culture was just beginning. It is unfiltered and unpasteurized. It must be real and natural, just affecting taste buds.
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The bright Czech pilsner "Staropramen" is perhaps the most famous Prague beer in the world. Traditions of its manufacture originate in 1869, when the "Staropramen" recipe was developed.It is famous for its rich taste with well-balanced tones of light malt and hops. "Staropramen" is made from natural ingredients - selected barley and exquisite hops with a rich aroma and noble bitterness.
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Beer of amber color with a hop-malt aftertaste. An amazing combination of light malt aroma and rich hop aroma. Perhaps, one of the most pleasant aromas of beer.
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Zhigulevskoe beer

Selective malt, aromatic hops give beer an individual, unique taste. The fermentation process takes about 21 days. This allows you to preserve the unique aroma of hops, to give beer a bit of bitter taste. The long cold aging harmonizes the taste of beer.
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