Calories burned:
4,032,858,157 kc.
4,032,858,157 kc.


The first store under the sign "La Casa Del Habano" (House of Cuban cigars) was opened on December 1, 1990 in Cancun, Mexico. It was the date of a worldwide network creation. The most important place in the salon of La Casa Del Habano is the humidor zone. Zone, where privileged or regular customers are inviting, and the salon representative acts as a kind of guide to the world of Habanos.
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The cigar is strong enough, but it has a wonderful multifaceted aroma. The whole line is made of a dark cover sheet. The cigar uses sheets subject to a special aging method. These cigars are classified as good expensive varieties of cigars. And because even these cigars can not be turned on by all the masters.
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Sigar Heritage 1492 Nicaragua Churchill

Nicaraguan "Heritage" cigars are named for the brightest date of human history. In 1492, on August 3, Christopher Columbus led his ships from the harbor of the Spanish city of Palos de la Frontera. So the expedition began, which led to one of the greatest geographical discoveries that gave the world new knowledge, new ideas about the flora and fauna of the planet, and with them - tobacco.
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They began to be produced in London in 1879, and quickly became popular in the most respectable area of the British capital of Saint James. It was here that closed private clubs were always located, and the whole aristocracy of Europe gathered. It is not difficult to guess that the requirements for the quality of cigarettes were the highest, otherwise the brand would simply perish. However, since the end of the 19th century, Sobranie not only received recognition from London, but also spread in the narrow diplomatic circles around the world.
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A brand of cigarettes owned by Philip Morris International. The main feature of cigarettes of this brand is a special filter mouthpiece that provides smoke cooling.
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The ancestor of the family production was Alfred Dunhill, his business started with the production of horse harness, luxury saddles, bridles, wadding and other things necessary for riding. Later the range was increased due to the release of garments and accessories for motorists. Also, the company began to sell and produce tobacco products and pipes, a few later the list of products was replenished and Dunhill cigarettes.
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For the first time the brand Marlboro (Marlboro) appeared in 1924 and was positioned as the first ladies' cigarettes. In those years, the very fact of selling cigarettes to women was a cultural shock, just as if they were now making cigarettes specifically for infants. Ladies' cigarettes appeared thanks to suffragettes who fought for universal suffrage. These ladies wanted equality in everything, including bad habits - and they got it.
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Their name they received in honor of the then managing company, Herbert Kent, had an asbestos filter and had a mild taste. During their heyday, they were so in demand that in some countries they were even used as currency - for bundles and blocks of Kent it was possible to purchase certain goods and even services.
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The international history of the brand is more than 120 years old, which is the evidence of the highest British quality standards.
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This brand of cigarettes has been produced since 1913. The recipe represents a mixture of the then-styled dark and tart Turkish tobaccos (Oriental) and light, soft Virginia (varieties: Virginia and Burli). Later it became known as American Blend ("American blend").
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For the first time Alliance cigarettes appeared on the Russian market in the year two thousand five. Due to the fact that the prices for these cigarettes were very affordable, and the quality of the Alliance cigarettes clearly exceeded cigarettes in a similar price niche, Alliance cigarettes very quickly found their admirers.
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Cigarettes "L & M" were launched with a white filter, which immediately became their distinctive feature.
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For the first time about the tobacco brand Chesterfield, people learned as early as 1873. And thanks for this should the company Drummond Tobacco Company, for which the release of cigarettes was, in fact, a by-business. The main profit the company made on the sale of chewing tobacco. New cigarettes, moreover, named after the county in Virginia, were supposed to strengthen the patriotic image, at the same time giving the company a touch of aristocracy. However, as it should expand the brand Drummond and did not have time. The famous "tobacco wars" came off.
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Brand was named after the city of Winston-Salem (English Winston-Salem) in North Carolina, the historic center for processing tobacco leaf. In 1954, Winston cigarettes became the first commercially available cigarettes with a filter in the US.
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This brand was first introduced in 1975 in the US by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, the second-largest US tobacco company. Cigarettes brand "Sea" were the first success of the format 120 mm. They filled a niche between cigars and cigarettes. Thanks to the brown paper, the Sea cigarettes resembled a cigar and were stronger than cigarettes existing at the time.
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The first Russian cigarettes with a filter of the international standard King Size, which appeared on the market in 1966. Cigarettes "Java" were the first cigarettes in the USSR with a filter.
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The most common samples of cigarette packs still depict the frontier of the USSR as before the Soviet-Finnish war. In the Soviet Union, these cigarettes were used to covertly give bribes. At the same time, tobacco was extracted from it, and a banknote rolled into a tube was inserted into the empty sleeve. After that, the recipient was offered bribes and lit this cigarette.
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Bond Street

The history of the brand originates in 1902. Philip Morris, the founder of the company, owned a boutique on the street Bond Street (Bond Street) in London. 1902 was the year when Albert, the King of Belgium, one of the great admirers of Morris, granted the boutique the title of a royal tobacco seller. Since then (among other things, the very first brand name was "Old Bond Street"), cigarettes with this name have passed a long and outstanding period of development of the gains of new markets.
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These cigarettes started to be produced in the USSR in 1970. The form and size of cigarettes for 47 years also have not changed. To date, Prima cigarettes are the only smoking product that is produced by several tobacco companies at the same time.
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Kind of non-smoker tobacco, traditional for Central Asia. The main components of Nasvay are tobacco and alkali (slaked lime).
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Hookah was born in India - in the early 15th century. The very first hookahs, of course, were not made of metal. On the islands, the aborigines used a flask in the form of coconut, and the hose was a hollow reed, the shaft was made of a piece of wood. In some cases, instead of coconut, where it was not, used a pumpkin.
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