Calories burned:
4,032,797,434 kc.
4,032,797,434 kc.

Catalogue of other dishes

French toast

French toast is a dish made of bread soaked in milk, then in beaten eggs and then fried, a variation from the traditional spanish dessert called Torrija.
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Cheese slaw

Cheese slaw is prepared using grated cheese, crumbled or cubed cheese, grated carrot, and a mayonnaise dressing. Cheese slaw is very similar to some coleslaw recipes, but is distinguished by the inclusion of cheese. Cheddar cheese is typically used in the salad s preparation.
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Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a frozen dessert made with yogurt and sometimes other dairy products. It is usually more tart than ice cream, as well as being lower in fat (due to the use of milk instead of cream).
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Kharcho is a traditional Georgian soup originating in Mingrelia containing beef, rice, cherry plum purée and chopped English walnut. The soup is usually served with finely chopped fresh coriander. The characteristic ingredients of the soup are meat, cherry plum purée made from tklapi/tkemali, rice, chopped English walnut and the spice mix.
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Stuffed pike

The best cooking method is to stuff pike with any filling that is not dry in texture. Pike can be appropriately stuffed with stewed oyster mushrooms and onions. The taste of fish is gorgeous, juicy fresh saturated with rich sweetish mushroom flavor.
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Mackerel is an important food fish that is consumed worldwide. As an oily fish, it is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. In Japan mackerel is commonly cured with salt and vinegar to make a type of sushi known as saba-zushi.
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Dressed herring

Dressed herring is a layered salad composed of diced pickled herring covered with layers of grated boiled vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beet roots), chopped onions, and mayonnaise. Some variations of this dish include a layer of fresh grated apple.
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Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad

Juicy, warm chicken breasts baked in a crunchy pecan and garlic flavored coating sit on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce. Dried cranberries and mandarin oranges add a sweetness that is balanced by the tanginess of crumbled blue cheese.
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Fish with chips

Fish with chips is amazing and at the same time easy to cook dish that is especially popular in spring and autumn, when the fish fattens fat in preparation for winter and after winter, when it hadnt enough time to fully lose fat.
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Rolls with pork

Rolls with roasted pork is nutritious, tasty, juicy and flavorful rolls made of tender young pork. Men would certainly enjoy such food. You will appreciate the aroma and taste of these rolls.
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Rolls with avocado and egg

Rolls are one of the most popular varieties of the Japanese national dish of sushi. Rolls are a roll of rice and filling which wrapped in dried seaweed sheets nori.
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Pilaf is a dish in which rice is cooked in a seasoned broth. Cooked onion, other vegetables as well as a mix of spices may be added. Depending on the local cuisine, it may also contain meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, and dried fruits.
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Olivier salad

Olivier salad is a traditional salad dish in Russian cuisine. In different modern recipes, it is usually made with diced boiled potatoes, carrots, brined dill pickles, green peas, eggs, celeriac, onions, diced boiled chicken (or sometimes ham or bologna sausage), tart apples, with salt, pepper, and mustard added to enhance flavor, dressed with mayonnaise.
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Pasta with lobster

Pasta with cheese and lobster is a very delicious mix. Lobster is commonly eaten with pasta and cheese. This products emphasize the taste of each other and give satiety.
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Pasta nautically

Pasta nautically is consisting of boiled pasta and meat. The dish appeared in the Middle Ages in Italy and was the main food for sailors as pasta and corned beef is a high-calorie meal and very convenient to keep on a ship.
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Combo Lo Mein

Combo Lo Mein, P.F. Chang is a popular traditional noodle dish in Hong Kong, boiled with spices and soy sauce. Lo Maine served with vegetables, soup Wonton or roasted meat, for example, Char Siu (barbecue pork), Chinese roast pork, stewed beef Cantonese.
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Roast in crock pot

Roast in crock pot is favourite dish found in many traditional cuisines. The basis of the popular dish is the meat and potatoes. The vegetables, berries and fruits, spices, herbs are adeed to the standard ingredients of the roast giving rich and highly saturated taste.
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Borscht is a sour soup popular in several Eastern European cuisines. The variety most commonly associated with the name in English is of Ukrainian origin and includes beetroots as one of the main ingredients, which gives the dish a distinctive red color.
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